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Author Topic: Project Overview  (Read 4201 times)

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« on: March 27, 2013, 08:54:25 PM »

Minecraft meets Sword Art Online (SAO), thats the short description of this Project. But what this exactly mean that will i explain here in this Topic.

The meaning of this Mod is, that you start a new Game and play outside of the Root Town Minecraft like to search later with the right Equipment for the "Boss Room" and fight the Floor Boss down to unlock the next Floor, to that you can get with the Teleporter in the Root Town. At the new Floor you have new Mats for exampel for better Equipment, what you must do to fight this new Floor Boss down and get to the next Floor etc.

There will be NPCs in Towns/Villages with that you can trade. You can sell Mats to it and Other could buy this Mats back... until stocks are exhausted. So there is Money (SAO like "Col" named) in the Game.

Some Stuff you can't do no longer Minecraft typically. There are for example no Crafting Table, no Furnace or no Bed that you can place overall. For Crafting you must go to a Town or Village. For Beds (Sleeping) there are Hotel Rooms, at higher Floors rent able Apartments up to prefab Houses or Plots for own Buildings. Other said... Crafting Tables, Furnaces, Beds and similar are "furnitures" for your rent (except Hotel Rooms)/own Home.

To survive in the World there are many new Weapons, which mainly would be crafted from different Combinations of Mats. So it could not only be determined which Material for the Blade (which could be a Mix too) is used, you could determine that on the hilt too. From a Dagger up to Twohander should be all possible.

It should give "Sword Skills", but how exactly they look I can't say at the Moment. You will have this like an Item in your Inventory and you should lay it for Combat in one of the Slots. Others Stuff is completely open about this.

The Mobs looks different too. Existing Mobs need a adjustment (her HP because of the new Weapons, otherwise they are all One Hit - or the Skeleton because of the Bow - only close combat Weapons). Above that there are many new Mobs, which not only on night there and which are different from Floor to Floor, the Floor Boss too.

Dungeons! The Gameworld is more limited in his Size (exact Size unknown, but much smaller than 10km in diameter), but there will be many random generated Dungeons in it where the "Boss Room" is hidden in there. Therefore the Overworld is generated higher then the typical ~64m. Later the World is generated dynamically. Only the World size and the Towns/Villages in the Middle around the Floor Teleporter are left statical, but even the Biomes on the intermediate Floors (this without a Town/Village around the Floor Teleporter) are different, means for example Floor 3 could have a other Biome on every new Game.

That Players can't dig blind through the world and destroy Places or fill in, there are Blocks that can't be destroyed and even Places in which Players can't build anything. But like said there are some Floors with rent able Places for you Build Project without Limits, like you know it from MC.

This Project is a Mod Pack, existing Mods combined with own one, and above a own Texture Pack. Mainly it will be made for Multiplayer, but with some Limits you can play it in Singleplayer too.

At the Moment the complete Project is not finally planned, but I have some Ideas that I will make and some that could be made later.

Important is:

- for Minecraft 1.5+ (upgrade to newest version when all used Mods are updated)
- Server Compatibility for online Multiplayer (SMP)
- SAO Feeling, that means many Stuff that match SAO and not so much Stuff that doesn't match. Own Ideas possible, but it must feels "right" (in the SAO aspect).
- No real Money Shop, no donate for VIP Status or something similar, this is a complete free project, we don't make Money with it.

Planned Features:

- SAO like Look as possible
- Own Texture Pack with many new Textures (Stone, Swords etc.)
- SAO typical Things like Sword Weapons only, Teleport Items, rent able Rooms/Houses etc.
- Many new Mats and Recipes for many different Swords
- "Sword Skills" Mod*
- More Mobs
- NPCs

Future Plans but important:

- Own World Generator for more SAO like Maps*
  - Limited World Size (Floors)
  - Dimensions Mod or similar (for different Floors)
  - No Nether (or for Dungeons), The End is the "Boss Room"
  - One type of Biome on a Floor
  - Static Root Towns in the Middle with a Teleporter to teleport to a unlocked Floor
  - Dynamic Dungeon Spawn with the Entry to the "Boss Room"
  - Some Mats only on some specific higher Floors.

* Important for me, so that every new Game is a new Experience and not only a static Adventure Map Experience.

Mods that will be used so far:

- Forge
- Optifine
- Not Enough Items (inkl. CodeChickenCore) - for Devs only
- Carpenter's Slope
- Custom NPC
- Cell Shader*

Mods that could be useful:

- DynamicLights
- ChickenChunks

* possible, when it works good enough

This List is not complete now.

Eine deutsche Version hier von gibt es hier.
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